We would like to thank all our website visitors who are looking for the best solutions for their business, and to express confidence that our company will always be able to offer you only the best. Given the profound changes in Ukrainian economy, further development and growth of the agricultural sector as the priority for growth of the economy, reorientation of the majority of turnover on new markets, a growing need to provide high-quality logistics and forwarding services that meet the highest international standards becomes undoubtfully apparent.

The Principles of our Company:

Quality Standards

The effective organization of logistics, based on high quality and standards of automation, speed of decision-making and development of customized solutions is the key to the competitiveness of our customers' products, its logistics' component.

Providing the full range of logistics and transportation services, of storage and handling of grain and oilseeds cargo UTA Logistics offers its customers additional opportunities to implement even the most ambitious projects.

Quality and Compliance

Careful coordination of the needs and expectations of our customers with our company's solutions within the framework of the existing legislation is the key to our long-term successful co-operation with world market leaders - customers of our services.

While continuously raising your own professionalism and quality of services, on one hand, and providing deep understanding of our customers' needs in various fields of activity, on the other hand, we develop and successfully implement effective solutions for our customers. Principles of continuous team development and process improvement help us achieve solutions for customers' demands beyond the standard.

Process of Automation and Integration of Software Solutions

allow more efficient management of processes and significantly expand information data required for various types of operations and financial statements for the company and her customers.

Individual approach to each task and constant expansion of value-added services, allow UTA Logistic to grow steadily, becoming one of the most reliable and well-known companies in the agro-logistics sector of Ukrainian economy.
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